Sage & Pinon Pine

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Our Sage covers a large part of the great desert and fields spaces of the Western States of America. Just as being singed, Sage is regularly held or worn to avoid negative impacts. Local American custom says that any place sage is, malicious spirits can't draw close.

Pinon has healing properties with a particularly new and fragrantly wonderful pine scent. Pine sage benefits by energizing your soul to gain spiritual enlightenment. The Pinon Pine Tree is local to Mexico and the South Western district of the United States. Fragrantly, the oil is fresh and new. We will, in general, think about the pine, tidy, and fir oils as being generally fitting for Christmas and winter, yet the fresh outside smell of Sage and Pinon Pine is appropriate for use all year.

Pinon Pine smudge benefits you spiritually and is adjusting in a way that gives a delicate feeling of relaxation when you feel disturbed. It can likewise assist with invigorating and empower when required. It has excellent use when expecting to the center or while requiring knowledge and motivation.

This Sage and Pinon smudge stick incorporates pinon (Pine Resin) to add the purifying and defensive characteristics of the mighty pine to your working. You may smudge yourself a similar way you smudge your space, let the smoke float over all aspects of your body, waiting over chakras, beat focuses, meridians, or lines of energy. Sage is the ideal spice for purging and decontaminating a space, individual, or thing; however, when it's joined with Pinon Pine, fruitfulness is included along with everything else, making the best smear for those; attempting to begin something new!

  • Best healing and purifying smudge.
  • Used in fertility and purification rituals.
  • Help carry prayers.
  • Removes negative energies.

Sage and Pinon Pine Smudge is a wonderful blend for use in healings, energy, purification, and cleansing work. Sage combined with the Pinyon Pine allows you to use the stick also for fertility and purification rituals. Here, it has been combined with the Pinon Pine to add to the smoke a pine scent also known for adding to fertility and purification magic. Light the end and allow its smoke to carry your prayers and otherwise help remove negative energies and other such influences. This smudge stick measures approximately 5" in length.


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Calvin Gaine
Got what I needed

I was searching for this for a few days and at last I found it here with such a good deal.

Thank you!

Good quality

Smells wonderful, lights easily. This item smells wonderful and quickly infuses the room with an earthy aroma. Highly recommend products from this company!

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that you're pleased with the quality and performance of our Sage & Pinon Pine product.