Velas Esotericas Quita Brujeria

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This candle is a viable candle to stop dark sorcery or any spell. Adding an assurance Quita Brujeria’s candle will make it more feasible. The motivation behind utilizing this spiritual candle in supplications and contemplation is to reinforce energy. It averts negative energies and supports a tranquil thoughtful interaction. Prayer is tied in with accomplishing a never-ending harmony and equilibrium throughout everyday life. Everything comes down to candle tones and their position that affects.


Quita Brujeria candle colors have various impacts and energy and how you respond to these shadings. Our wish Candles can be consolidated with ceremonies to twofold the advantages. White is the shade of harmony, cleaning, security, gift, improvement, and completeness.

The white flame of our candles additionally conjures lunar energy. White candles are generally utilized in customs, including fixation and contemplation. It offers spiritual recuperating by taking out adverse sentiments. For fortifying your close connection, you should consume this candle in your room and the extreme right corner of your home. Consuming it will summon the much-wanted closeness in the relationship. Select a decent spot on the left half of your home and spot nine red candles in the middle. Light them each day and perceive how light you feel.

  • Spell Remover.
  • Strengthens relationships.
  • Promotes love and positive spiritual energy.
  • Brings balance to your senses.
  • This is an effective candle to stop black magic or any spell. Adding a protection candle will make it more effective.
  • This candle is used for Health, Mental Power, Business, Love, Overcome adversaries at work, relationships, enemies, Judgments Legal issues.
  • Achiever Achieve the objectives that have been proposed.
  • Spell Remover

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Veronica Morales

Velas Esotericas Quita Brujeria


Good quality

Omg this work so good I am very happy with it going to order another