Wish Candle - San Miguel - Saint Michael

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The spiritual candles for prayers are an essential addition to your life if you ever feel low and disconnected from the positivity of this world. Our San Miguel or Saint Michael candle has both English and Spanish prayer compositions available to ease your tasks and activities in your routine. It protects you from all the evil and negativities around you. Its defensive exercise helps to protect and guard us in adverse circumstances to avoid unscrupulous people.


Saint Michael scented candle discharges, alleviating, well-supporting, and peace into the environment, giving your body an additional feeling of quiet. Our wish candles don't flood the air with destructive poisons – mainly if their wick is treated with vegetable oil. Please keep it away from the reach of children and pets as it harms them.

The flame of the Saint Michael candle is helpful for spiritually benefitting you and your faculties. When you light this candle, keep in mind that Saint Michael hears your prayers and will indeed protect you and your family from evil spirits. Be confident and active by lightening up this beautifully scented candle from Incense Pro.

  • Comes in Spanish and English prayers.
  • Provides protection.
  • Cleanses your soul.
  • Prayers get accepted due to their protection abilities.
  • The candle comes with prayer in both English and Spanish. St. Michael, defend us be our protection watch over us guard us in adversity keep us from evil.
  • Light up a candle in a safe location out of the reach of children or pets.
  • Say the prayer on the candle every time you light up the Saint Michael candle as you ask Saint Michael to protect you and your loved ones.

Customer Reviews

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Elli Kitchin
Focuses mind

It is believed that the act of lighting a candle and making a wish or intention can help to manifest that desire into reality. This way it helped me to make my mind focused in my career and it was like magic.

Dear Elli Kitchin, Thanks for the review! I think this candle is a great way to focus your mind and make your wishes come true.

Duke alba
Worth spending money

The candle was amazing and the purpose it served was fulfilled also.