Sandalwood- Pure Resin Incense Stick

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Our unmatched Yellow Sandalwood Incense stick is exceptional quality incense that can change the cognizance and fixation. The fragrance of yellow sandalwood incense helps quiet rest, conditions of the higher psyche, sensations of affection and serenity. It has been related to contemplation, sacred spaces, and the tranquil sanctuary climate for a long time.


The sandalwood incense is utilized in the Eastern culture for strict services; in the Western culture, it is utilized for unwinding purposes and to make a wonderful smell all through the home. As well as delivering a fantastic smell and giving individuals unwinding, utilizing yellow sandalwood incense has excellent benefits, and here is a portion of those. Since quite a while ago saw as mitigating, Yellow Sandalwood Incense makes for an excellent guide in looking for harmony and tranquility, or in supporting to discover rest. Some have also utilized it to accomplish astral projection and customs of mending, love, insurance, and even expulsion.

Yellow sandalwood is known as evident sandalwood from Sandal trees. It has a superbly rich, profound woody aroma that is very quieting to the brain and soul. The scent is similarly attractive to all kinds of people. It is usually utilized or consumed as a contribution to the spirits. Yellow sandalwood pure resin incense is advantageous to the entire individual body, psyche, and soul.

  • Calming & Conductive to Meditation
  • It relieves anxiety.
  • It helps achieve harmony.
  • It acquires peace of soul.
  • 10 sticks in each pack
  • Natural Ingredients 

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Great Quality

Wonderfully fragrant natural incense sticks. Really enjoyed all the varieties. Great quality!