Dream Catcher

Dream catcher is a traditional hoop, having a woven web or net of yarn and a hanging end of feathers and beads. The purpose of Dream catcher is to protect people, especially babies and children, in their sleep. Traditional and authentic dream catchers are hand-made and crafted with original materials. Usually threads are used to weave the net, and feathers are hanged in the tail. The circle of hoop describes the circle of life. It means that there is always a day after the night and every dawn will see dusk. In this cycle, life goes on. The web represents an invisible protective shield which filters your dream and only let the good ones pass through it. And the feathers are a sign of gentleness and harmony. Famous legends about the history of dream catcher reveal that it was first created by Native American tribes, Ojibwe and Lakota. These tribes respected spiders and presumed their web a sacred symbol. They used to believe upon a "Spider-Woman" who according to them, was their spiritual protector. When the tribe grew bigger, and the members started the migration to other lands, according to them, it became difficult for The Spider-Woman to protect them. Thus, she came up with a protective hoop and handled it to children for their protection from evil forces.


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