Resin Incense

Resin incense carries charm, which is the purest form of incense as it derives from a refined tree and sap of the plant. The history of using resin incense dates back to thousands of years. Natural resin incense enhances focus and concentration. The immense capacity of the spiritual value of resin incense is indescribable. This incense can be found in forms of sticks and loose tree saps or rocks. Some of the incense flavors smoothen the mind and produce a soothing effect on the heart, some of the rock incense is good for protection, purification, healing, and blessing. Burning these church incense is very effective for different spiritual purposes than only fragrances. Natural incense also cleanses the environment with its purified fragrances. 

These are also known as Rock Incense or Church Incense. These are the most natural and purest form of incense.


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