Handmade Fresh Incense

Over the years’ incense has been used for different therapeutic purposes. Natural Incense Sticks are used in spiritual gatherings, rituals, purification, ceremonies, yoga, and meditation. Joss Sticks are widely used in spiritual purposes due to its extraordinary fragrances and freshness. The word incense is derived from Latin words that mean “to burn”. When these handmade fresh incenses are burnt, they produce fragrant smoke. These fragrances have an effect on the body and soul. Burning the incense is denoted for pleasing the GOD. The fragrance of fresh handmade incense makes the environment soothing, pleasing and relaxing. Handmade fresh incense comes in a variety of fragrances like Burberry, Obama, Coconut, Amber, Egyptian musk, Orange Spice, Mango Butter, Cherry, Lavender, Rose, Frankincense-Myrrh, Sage, Dragonblood and many more. Burning of incense is related to the emotions and spread positive aura to eliminate stress and anxiety symptoms.


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