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Grape Burning Oil
Nanlisha Stewart
Ripp- Off

This small bottle of oil tha I paid almost $10 for can be purchased in most of the dollar stores in California. This is a ripoff!! I would come out better by having my sister mail me some big bottles!

Lemon Burning Oil
Nanlisha Stewart
Ridiculous Price Mark Up

I ordered two bottles of burning oil @ $5 each plus taxes & shipping. I was under the assumption that these were the big bottles. The bottles tha I received can be purchased at ANZy DOLLAR STORE in LA for $1.00. This was a waste of my time AND MONEY. It should be illiegal to mark up one dollar products 500% & resale them online!!! My sister could have mailed me an assortment of burning oils for the price incense pro charged me for these two $1.00 bottles!!! Rip off!!!

Lemon Incense Stick
Edward Lakin
Smells great, I will enjoy using it

But, I had to take one star off because it is just not "lemony" But, I was really just after an incense that does NOT smell like Nag Champa (which I love, but I just get tired of it).

great oil

I love what I recieved but a giant roach climbed out of my box when I opened it. I was I guess ok with this bc maybe it climbed in in transit or something but out of the 3 emails and 1 ig message I sent with questions only one was responded to so you combine that with the roach Im thinking I wont be back.

Burned down on first day

I really like the product at first until a flame from the incense burned down the cone. One might believe the food would be fire treated. Will not buy again.

Velas Esotericas Quita Brujeria

Soothing fragrance

The aroma induces the bodily desires and give the feeling of authentic extracts of plants.

Versace Body Oil
T. M. Joy
Peace Provoking Aroma

Cools nerve for maintaining peace around the body and environment.

Provokes manly desire

The aroma helps to get everyone's attention and make each day runway-worthy.
Instigate senses to the fullest.

Violet Body Oil
Shehnaz Munaf
Quixotic aroma

One of the most alluring scents ever. It's soft and powdery aroma is enough to evoke feelings of love, joy, and trust.

Fruity textures

Real good aroma with authentic fruit extracts which connects with earthly matter.

Masculine scent

Keep me upbeat for a long time with masculine aroma which kept me alluring all time.

Got me into focus

Remarkable quality body oil with stimulating scents. Got no match with this.

Low price possible

Authentic products in the lowest price possible.
Real cool.

Edifies mood

It relaxed my senses and exfoliated my skin.
Aroma is real good.

Really alluring aroma

Love it.
It's alluring aroma lifts my energy during the day and leaves my skin sparkling.


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Indian Temple Oil
Ray Chaitainna
Authentic Product

This shop is selling the best oil possible. Really helped my unnerved state to instigate enough.

Draws negative energies

It balanced my heart chakra and created a shield against the negative energies affecting me.

Authentic Product

It can predict the ominous impact of something by changing in mood of the user and removes sleep deprivation.

Pyrite Bracelet
Sahara Ryans
Annihilate negative energies

It shielded me from negative energy of all kinds and keeps me aplomb for a long time.

Licorice Root
Carlos Ben
Helped in my digestion

It eased my ulcers, and aided in digestion.

Face Roller
Steve R.
Very soothing for my skin

It helped me to come out of my tiring skin and glow like before.

Token of love

It healed very gently the Heart Chakra of mine and edified my mind with the feel of love and tenderness.
Loved it

Helped me for subtlety

It increases my motivation for a calm and subtle life rather than a hasty one. I was leading a maunder life but now i'm in good shape.
Hoping for the best.