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Love this store

Customer service is always on point

Smells amazing!!!

Great smell

Perfect for walking in park not too strong just right

Oxygen Body Oil (M)
Hassib Abirafeh
amazing light not strong women love me

I'm serious this is only one I get so much complements that smell is intense but not too much intense in it but the right amount. This might be my new favorite

Egyptian Musk Burning Oil
Cristal Williams

Egyptian Musk Burning Oil

Mango Burning Oil
Cristal Williams

Mango Burning Oil

Love CocoMademoiselle Body Oil

I wear this oil a lot. Smells remarkably like the perfume from Chanel and lasts hours on my skin and clothes. I live in Florida and when I get out into the heat and humidity it radiates off my skin. This is a beautiful and affordable body oil for someone who doesn't want to spend hundreds on a bottle of perfume. Will repurchase over and over again.

The Tourmaline Rock is Authentic

I didn’t know that crystals rocks can clean humans out of problems, even though I heard they could. I came across this website online while looking for incense, the incense was good I came back to look for crystals and bought their Tourmaline rock and it has been a blessing to me. I keep one with me in my work bag and I keep one at home next to my bed.

The Best

Satya- San Expedito Is the best smelling incense and my favorite by far. Pretty much spoiled me from most other incense.

Very Good 👍

This is my third order throught the website. Shipping is really fast and the oil is smells amazing. Definitely recommend 👌

Dear david, Thanks for the review! We're happy to hear that you're happy with your purchase and that the oil smells amazing.


Close as removing the resin from the trees and smoldering over a coal.

Dear Johnny, Thank you for reviewing Frankincense & Myrrh Burning Oil. We appreciate the feedback!

Ppure- Nagchampa Cannabis
Barbara Mc Donald
Package was not delivered to my address

Package was not delivered to my address

Dear Barbara Mc Donald, I'm sorry to hear that the package did not arrive at your address. I would suggest reaching out to the shipping company to inquire about the delivery status.

Patchuli Burning Oil
Johnny 'B' Good
Patchuli That Keeps On Giving

Beautiful fragrance on its own or a compliment to a recipe of several oils. Would buy this one again in a heart beat. The blenders at this site deserve to be called Incense Pros.

Dear Johnny , Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that our Patchuli Burning Oil has a beautiful fragrance on its own, or can be used as a compliment to other oils. We're excited to hear that the blenders at our site are doing a great job - thank you for letting us know!

Dragon Blood Burning Oil
Johnny 'B' Good
Breath of the Dragon

Wow! What a nice strong fragrance you have given our house. The blender at Incense Pro has gift for building a beautiful lasting scent. This guy or girl should be given an increase in wages if you want to keep them on staff. Thanks for everything. No complaints whatsoever.

Dear Johnny, Thank you for the kind words! We're glad you're enjoying the Dragon Blood Burning Oil. We appreciate your feedback.

It wonderful

Smells Wonderful

This oil smells wonderful and it’s light but lasts all day even into the next day. I put my oils in my clothes and it lasts longer. I apply a small amount behind my ears and it smells amazing. It’s good on sensitive skin as well!!!!

Dear Taye Smith-Bey, Thank you for your kind words, they're much appreciated! We're glad you love the smell and how it lasts all day. We recommend using a light hand when applying to avoid over-drying.

Love the smell

The cone smells wonderful once it is burned and the scents last for some time.

Dear Marcia, Thank you for your positive review of our Sage Incense Cone! We're glad you love the smell and the scents last for some time.

Hard to find these days, I guess. Solid quality at a great price.

Long Lasting Aroma

Sandalwood oil has been used for centuries in spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer, and is believed to have a range of health benefits. It is known for its rich, warm, and woody aroma, which is both calming and grounding.

Dear Marc Stedler, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you found the sandalwood oil to be both calming and grounding, and that it lasts a long time.

Essential burning oil

Both frankincense and myrrh have been used for thousands of years for their aromatic and medicinal properties. When used in combination, frankincense and myrrh burning oil can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home, promote relaxation and reduce stress, and provide a range of other health benefits. It is commonly used in aromatherapy, meditation, and other relaxation practices.

Dear Gesa Hoffman, Thank you for your review of Frankincense & Myrrh Burning Oil! We're glad to know that it has many beneficial properties and can help to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Vitamin E Carrier Oil
Alexis Correira
Improved my hair.

Vitamin E is famous for hair treatments and for reducing irritation in the scalp. I used it for months and now my hairs are back to it's shiny face. Sometimes, all you need is a bit more care for the hair.

Dear Alexis Correira, Thanks for the review! I'm glad you found the Vitamin E Carrier Oil helpful in your hair care routine.

Olive Carrier Oil
Mimi Tanimoto
Scar remover

It is commonly used in cooking but is also known for its health benefits. It removed my baby scar and now my belly looks shiny. Olive oil really works in stretch marks removal also.

Dear Mimi Tanimoto, Thank you for the review. Olive Carrier Oil is a great choice for scar removal and stretch mark removal - it is effective and has many benefits!

Jasmin Soap
Kayla Gracies
Pretty good

Jasmine soap is typically made by combining jasmine oil or fragrance with a base of natural soap ingredients such as vegetable oils, lye, and water. The resulting soap may have a mild floral fragrance and may be gentle and moisturizing to the skin.

Dear Kayla Gracies, Thank you for the review! We agree that the Jasmine soap is pretty good. It's a gentle soap that smells great and is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Natural remedy

Cumin oil is used topically when diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil, or it is used aromatically in a diffuser or added to a bath. It is also used as a natural remedy for respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis, and it may have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Dear Sean Gibbons, Thank you for the review! We are happy to hear that the cumin oil is a helpful natural remedy for respiratory issues.

Perfect skin care

Argan and Mongongo soaps have anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness and inflammation. The oils used in this soap, help to improve the texture of the skin, making it smoother and more radiant.

Dear Julia Suerez, Thanks for the review! We're so happy to hear that our Argan and Mongongo Soaps are perfect skin care! Our oils help to improve the texture of the skin, making it smoother and more radiant. Thanks for giving us the chance to share our soap with you!