SAC Frangipani Incense Cones

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The sweet and subtle fruity notes of Frangipani incense with vibrant floral tones make it one of the most exotic scents out there. Frangipani is usually associated with feelings of love and romance or sensuality. It evokes deep internal feelings and possesses the ability to clean your body, mind, and soul. You will notice your spirit to be uplifted and your mood to be happier and much more motivated than before. It promotes your self-esteem sedates the mind. Not just mentally, after using our SAC range, you will experience a positive impact on your physical well-being as well!


SAC incense cones are famous for their tropical fragrance. This is one of the most excellent quality incense cones out there because it has an unmatched range of fragrances. The enticing aroma of it has made it famous among incense lovers.

This cone comes in a beautifully designed package. It is perfect for aromatherapy lovers, as it keeps your nasal cavity healthy with its natural aroma. Diffusing this product could make the atmosphere heavenly.

  • Ten cones in a pack
  • 12 packs in a box
  • Moisturizes your skin
  • A natural aphrodisiac
  • Promotes inner peace and confidence
  • Gets rid of foul odors

Customer Reviews

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Great product

This is the best smelling incense I’ve ever had, and I burn a lot of incense.