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Believe in wishes as wish do comes to reality. In older days people make sacrifices in the fire for their wishes to come true. Wish candles are the candles that provide the same spiritual essence as to the fireplace for obtaining your heart desires. To use wish/ intention candles, write down your wish/ intention on a paper with a sincere heart and full concentration and with deep intention. As this will symbolize your internal energy for the wish. Roll out the paper under the intention candle holder then burn the paper on the wish candle. Burning your wishes and written desires in the fire flame produces spiritual energies.

These energies are helpful for the journey of your dreams to reality. It is important to select the wish candle that matches your desires. Different candle colors signify different wish energies that’s why please make sure you pick the right color for your intention. Scented wish candles provide you the spiritual aromatic therapy along with granting you wishes to be true. Scented wish candles make the room lit with magic aromas that help you concentrating on your heart desires. Chose the most appropriate intention candle to full fill your desire from our wide range or wish/ intention candle collection from our store in Hollywood, Los Angeles or from our online store IncensePro.com.


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Wish Candle - Coyote
Wish Candle - Coyote
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