7 Chakra Candle Set - 5” candle

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  • Come back to me, candle.
  • Burns for almost 120 hours.
  • Complete any ritual or ceremony.
  • Sold as a curio.
  • It helps as a tool to aid in prayers.
  • Come back to me
  • Con feromonas
  • Burn this candle to attract love or sex from your significant other, or to meet someone who can fulfill your needs.
  • Use with Come to Me anointing oil and incense to complete your ritual.
  • The candle is in a glass jar and is 8" high x 2 wide.
  • Burns for 120 hours.
  • Candle designs may be slightly different at times due to manufacturer supply.
  • Colors will remain the same.
  • Sold as a curio and as a tool to aid in your prayers and/or rituals.

Customer Reviews

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Monica berr
Ritual candles

These are sometimes hard to find but now I got the page where I can order these any time.

Ryan roland
It worked

Really worked as an attractant, me and my bf got together.