Agua deRuda

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Agua de Ruda cologne assists with finding and supporting inward steadiness, particularly when exposed to extraordinary investigate and difficulties. It assists with recuperating mental injuries and delivering internal strains. It has energizer resources. In Peru, Agua de Ruda involves insurance from jealousy, ill will, and "the stink eye," just like other negative energies. It considers to loan internal solidness and lessen mental pressure.


The Rue has broad uses in the daily medication of different people groups for quite a long time. Its supernatural' utilizes motivated a few explorers who have figured out how to determine their properties' fantasies and facts. 

The Agua De Ruda is a perpetual plant ready to make due on helpless substrates, and, consequently, it adjusts to both mild and chilly climates; in any case, it requires full sun. In mid-year, it shows some bit yellow blossoms.

Rue water benefits principle trademark is its undesirable and solid smell, which can repulse creatures and, mainly, bugs; along these lines, it is typically planted close to harvests to ward them off. Numerous antiquated civilizations have gone to this plant for different purposes. Tones the conduits, ensures the vessels, and reinforces their dividers. It likewise serves to treat varicose veins, edema, and other circulatory issues.

Agua De Ruda beneficios and diminishes awful cholesterol (LDL) since it contains sterols. It favors assimilation, stays away from stomach weight and acid reflux, reduces gas and heartburn, animates biliary capacity, and is prescribed to burn-through in the wake of eating when the admission has been bounteous. It is antispasmodic; it is utilized to treat issues, loose bowels, and stomach fits. It decreases apprehension since it can work as a characteristic relaxant on account of its alkaloid content. It is calming since it contains tannins. 

  • Special lotion to diminish the evil.
  • Promotes good luck.
  • Sacred traditional plant rue.
  • Prophylactic exorcism capability.

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Promotes Good Luck

Rue water keeps the bugs away and has the effect of promoting good luck. Spreads positive energies.

Dear Rita, Thank you for your review of Agua deRuda! We're thrilled that it has been helpful in promoting good luck and spreading positive energies.

Ashley Moore
Perfect one

This type of products are a bit rate and in this quality, it’s hard to get.