Backflow Incense Burner- Lotus

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Mini backflow incense burner. About 3 inches tall. Works with backflow cones, which have a hole in the bottom allowing the smoke to flow downward into the burner. Lotus looks floating on the smoke when the burner is in use.

A lovely yet straightforward backflow lotus incense burner in a dark clay lotus pool plan is a dream that comes true when you need some meditation space. When the cone is lit, the smoke from the cone falls downwards in a hypnotizing cascade impact to pool at the base that is lovely to watch.

The best results consume the lotus incense sticks inside a space with smoldering heat from unexpected air developments. Kindly note that it is typical for a light slick buildup in the wake of finishing to show up on the oil burner. Consequently, we suggest securing any furniture it is set upon reasonably.

The buildup clears off the burner with a sodden fabric. Backflow lotus incense cones send incense smoke downwards and are explicitly intended to be utilized with Backflow Incense Burners. Our incense cones have an opening at the base, which considers the descending smoke impact, henceforth 'discharge incense cones.' When you light one of our cascade burners, the smoke falls down the cut cascade-like fluid, making suggestive steam of incense ideal for stress decrease and contemplation.

The lotus incense sticks and burners' benefits include its soothing impact on your psyche and body as it alleviates depression and stress. 

  • Quiet the psyche and body.
  • Alleviating away the strain and help with stressful conditions.
  • Increment center and innovativeness.
  • Helps cultivate internal strength.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Lee
Worth spending money

Perfect for a gift product cause this product is aesthetically pleasing and also enhance the durability of the incense cone.

Thank you!

Ruby sparrow
Night time ritual

These backflow burners are excellent for meditation. They need a quiet place without a breeze to get the water flow effect. I in my view love them for the duration of night time at the same time as relaxing into bed.