Backflow Incense Burner- Frog with Lilies

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Charming frog on a lily cushion Backflow incense burner! Pair it with your top Backflow incense cone and watch the smoke cascade over the Lilly cushions! Frog and Lily Pad poly-pitch backflow incense burner, 6 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Works with reverse cones, which have an opening in the base permitting the smoke to stream descending into the burner like a cascade.


These Backflow Incense Cones are explicitly intended for backflow incense burners yet can be copied in any incense burner. Adjust the base opening to the starting of the reverse incense burner. A decent incense burner that streams in reverse enchants the crowd and de-humidifies the room. You are guaranteed lasting fragrance when you put your cash in a Backflow Incense Burner. It doesn't simply remain for 2 hours after the incense is done, yet the entire day!

Backflow incense cones are intended to take your incense copying experience to a higher level! Both stylishly and odoriferously satisfying, backflow incense cones have colossal advantages that can inspire the atmosphere of some random space. You should see a portion of the top benefits of the best Backflow Incense Burners and how they can change your sweet-smelling experience more than ever!

These famous incense burners are created with an opening in the center, which, when lit, permits the smoke to stream down through the door and fall towards the ground for an exceptional visual showcase. The benefits of the backflow incense burners beat the rundown. Discharge incense burners are accessible in probably the most immaculate and straightforward to utilize plans. The utilization of effectively accessible and imaginative reverse incense burners inspires the insides of your home, office space, and yoga studio. You can detox your area impeccably.

Scrub your room and take out both unfortunate scents and negative energy with backflow incense cones. Directly from when it is lighted, these incense cones will, in general, make a feeling of good point with how it progressively diffuses its beguiling fragrance noticeable all around and rejuvenates your space with inspiration. 

  • Lasts all day long.
  • The fragrance is so soft and subtle.
  • Brings peace and harmony to the home.
  • Removed negative energy.

Customer Reviews

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Juan Moore
Beautiful scenery

The frog under the lily is so cute and amazing to view. It's really cute and my boys liked the design. And the smoke also creates another attraction for my kids. Best thing online.

Dear Juan Moore, Thank you for your lovely review! We're glad you appreciate our cute frog design and the smoke it produces - it really is a great addition to our product.

Karen K. McClure
Excellent Product

The shipping on this item was so quick, and the scents that came with the burner are incredible as well. It works so well, and I absolutely adore it. Would buy it again!!