Backflow Incense Burner-Tree Stump

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You can consume any incense cone in this incense burner; however, you should utilize a backflow incense burner on the off chance that you need to accomplish the reverse smoke impact.


Our Tree Stump Backflow incense burner is about 3.5 inches tall. It works with discharge cones, opening in the base, permitting the smoke to stream descending into the burner like a cascade.

Our Large Backflow incense burner has exceptional capacity. You can use the cascade burner along with rich sweet-smelling. A while ago, scented spices to help sanitize the air, contemplation, and unwinding, alleviate pressure, and improve rest quality. It is broadly utilized in the parlor, room, study, office, reflection room, yoga room, inn, and so on. Hand-tailored and simple to clean-The artistic incense burner is hand-tailored by talented, skilled workers in a traditional style with heavenly craftsmanship.

It is not difficult to clean after utilization. Flush the body of the incense burner with bubbling water to eliminate stains on the burner. Tree stump burner is the best backflow incense burner for aromatherapy purposes. When you light up an incense cone with an incense burner, you are effectively participating in aromatherapy.

Natural, normal and safe, backflow incense burner cones are superior to sticks. Incenses, for example, Sakura, can be utilized for reflection as well. Light up a discharge incense and do your pedicure or rest to feel the loosening up impacts of the Incense. 

  • Bestseller tree stump incense burner.
  • Allows the smoke of Incense to flow in the reverse direction.
  • Exceptional quality burner.
  • Best decoration piece for your home.


Customer Reviews

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Sam D.
Tempting product

This one is so beautifully designed to serve the purpose, made my day.
Loved it.

Thank you!

Felicia Kerkes
Tree back flow

Love it looks awesome and does what it's supposed to.

Thanks for your review.