Small Brass Burner

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Our small Brass incense burner is a diminutive palm size. However, it is a decent stand for the incense, a pleasant improving piece. Good for contemplation tar, little covered brass incense cone burner.


It is a proper design for your parlor, sanctuary, office, lodging, tea house, yoga studio, and significantly more. It is of tiny size and simple to convey, and an extremely useful adornment. This Indian brass burner is ideal for consuming incense cones or charcoal and gum.

It is made of two sections. The detachable top sits on the base, and the smoke escapes through tiny openings at the top to allow the fragrance to stream tenderly through the air.

The Brass Incense bowl Burner is beautiful and flexible, permitting you to consume cone and stick incense securely. Our brass burner allows you a better experience for spiritual enlightenment, including meditation practices and yoga exercises. Go and order yours before it gets sold out!

  • Each burner 3″-3.5″ inches
  • Color: Golden
  • Material: Brass
  • For Cone Incense or resin incense with charcoal.

Customer Reviews

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Teva Vernoux
For cone incense

A small brass burner is a type of incense burner that is typically used to burn loose incense, resin incense, or powdered incense. It is made of brass, which is a metal that is known for its durability and heat resistance. And the stunning design is quite trendy to have in the home as a home decor.

Dear Teva Vernoux, Thank you for your review. A small brass burner is a great choice for cone incense because it is durable and heats evenly. It is also stylish and perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room.

Anthony Iovino
Small but Works Great!

Cute, good value for money, sturdy, packed well, fit for purpose