Burberry Handmade Fresh Incense

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Elevate your living space with the luxurious allure of Burberry Handmade Fresh Incense! Imbued with a profoundly feminine scent, this incense offers an irresistible fusion of fruity and floral aromas, perfect for captivating the senses of anyone in your abode.


Why Choose Burberry Handmade Fresh Incense?

  • Exquisite Scent: A delicate balance of raspberry, strawberry, and cherry, seamlessly blended with the floral elegance of jasmine and rose.
  • Vanilla Undertones: The subtle hint of vanilla garners attention and praise and enhances the overall aroma.
  • Ideal for Homes with Pets: Its light and refreshing nature effectively masks unpleasant odors, leaving your space smelling divine.
  • Boosts Serotonin: Designed to uplift your mood and provide relaxation after a busy day.
  • Inspired by Burberry Perfumes: Crafted to mirror the iconic scents of the renowned British fashion house.
  • Ambery Musk Accents: Adds a sophisticated touch, ensuring the sweetness remains perfectly balanced.
  • Aromatherapy Delight: An ideal gift for those who adore the therapeutic effects of delicate aromas.
  • Handmade Quality: Each stick is carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality.
  • Affordable Luxury: Experience premium scents at a reasonable price.

Available in Various Pack Sizes:

  • 1 Pack: Approx 15-17 sticks
  • 3 Pack: Approx 45-51 sticks
  • Jumbo Pack: Approx 100-120 sticks

Order Burberry Handmade Fresh Incense today and indulge in a sensory experience like no other – perfect as a self-treat or a thoughtful gift for a loved one!


Customer Reviews

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Patrick Smith
Burberry Incense

Always a pleasure to burn these around the house

Thank you for appreciating our product!!


Great scent!