Channel #5 Burning Oil

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If you truly want a tranquil, Zen-like experience, make burning oils a part of your relaxation ritual. Channel #5 Burning Oil is quickly becoming a popular option for home fragrance, whether you are a spa professional looking to incorporate these oils into your business or merely someone who loves these gorgeous scents at home.

  • 100% pure fragrance oils.
  • Great for freshening up any room or linen/cloth furniture. 
  • High-quality oil.
  • Used in a fragrance lamp.
  • The highest quality of fragrance oil.
  • Used in electric lamps and ceramic burners.
  • The lowest price is guaranteed.

No oils are associated with any designer or trademark. Our huge collection of designer reproductions have the same inspiration & aroma as the expensive original for an affordable price. All are long-lasting fragrance burning oils of the maximum quality.

Warnings: Natural oils are highly concentrated and should be used for the lamp.


  1. Keep out of reach of children.
  2. Avoid contact with eyes.
  3. If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner before using.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Coumba Faye
    Love it

    Very good smells wonderful

    Thank you for your kind words! We're so glad you're enjoying our oil!


    Not what I expected g or his scent but it is nice.

    Dear Iris Perkins,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We're glad to hear that you find the scent of our product nice, even though it was different from what you expected. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us to understand our customers' perspectives and improve where needed. If there's anything specific you're looking for, or if we can assist you in any other way, please feel free to reach out.

    Rimi Mrong
    High quality ingredients

    The aroma itself reflects more ingredients in the air.