Cluster Tourmaline

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Our Cluster Tourmaline healing stone is accepted to advance motivation and satisfaction, lessen dread, and assemble fearlessness among its clients. It's helpful to adjust yin-yang energies, as it views them as an actual extension to the profound. Some accept tourmaline assists with clearing, keep up, and animate every one of the energy places. It will decrease individuals' feelings of dread by bringing understanding and empowers fearlessness. 


Black Tourmaline is the head charm of assurance, a clairvoyant safeguard redirecting and scattering negative energies, substances, or destructive powers. It makes preparations for radiation and ecological contaminations and is exceptionally valuable in filtering and killing your negative considerations and inner struggles and transforming them into positive, usable energy. 

Tourmaline crystal benefits involve its use as a fantastic establishing stone, electrical in nature, representing Earth and the human soul. Its steady power adjusts the energy habitats of the body and channels mending light all through the framework. It engages individuals who should live or work in testing conditions or when confronting troublesome situations. 

Black Tourmaline bracelet is a beautiful charm for adjusting the right/left sides of the equator of the mind and carrying mental cycles into an arrangement with the chakras and auric body. It advances a feeling of force and fearlessness, considering a more precise, more target perspective on the world. It reduces dread and might help treat suspicion and conquer dyslexia by improving eye/hand coordination and the absorption and interpretation of coded data. 

Tourmaline is a stone of purging, purifying the enthusiastic assemblage of negative contemplations, tensions, outrage, or sensations of disgracefulness. It helps in conquering substance misuse and deliveries any self-destructive considerations or self-hurting propensities. Cluster Tourmaline might be utilized to enact establishing between the Base Chakra and the focal point of the Earth, giving further upgrade of one's prosperity on the actual plane. The Base, or Root Chakra, is situated at the foundation of the spine and controls the energy for sensation, feeling, and development. 

  • They are strengthening grounding stones.
  • Protects from pollutants.
  • It purifies the soul, getting rid of negative thoughts.
  • Helps stimulate the reflex points of the legs, back, feet, etc.

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Hugo Cardozo
Genuine and arrived on time

I'm very pleased with this piece, as it is clearly genuine black tourmaline. It is a small piece, perfect for carrying in a little bag in my purse, or in the pocket of a dress or slacks.