Cruz de Caravaca Oil

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Wear this universal spiritual oil for joy, harmony, pull in cash, love, defeat discouragement, and great well-being. For additional strength, buy a triple power Cruz de Caravaca candle.


The Caravaca Cross, otherwise called the Wishing Cross in Hoodoo, is utilized for Good karma, health, and protection against evil. The cross of Caravaca is perhaps the most grounded oil while showing Luck, Success, Fulfilled Wishes, Happiness, and Blessings.

This oil will fix your soul appropriately with our wish/intention oils and spices to give energy and show incredible outcomes. The Cross of Caravaca, additionally usually called by its Spanish name, Caracava de la Cruz, is an image wealthy in verifiable importance, reverential intensity, and beneficial custom influence. Regardless of whether utilized a picture for commitment, as a defensive sigil or appeal, an ornament or charm, or some other number of profound practices, the wondrous cross is adored by profoundly disapproved people of numerous strolls, societies, and conviction frameworks.

It is an incredible and significant spiritual oil to have in your spell projecting and custom performing tool compartment, particularly as a seal to bring favorable luck, acquire abundance and wealth, and avoid evil.

  • Boosts your spiritual capabilities.
  • It makes your day peaceful and relaxing.
  • Use for aromatherapy to treat anxiety.
  • Brings good luck.

Customer Reviews

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Munde Randy
Wish oil

The oil fulfills the expectations somehow. The power of the oil induces good luck.

Dear Munde Randy, Thanks for the review! I think the oil does have some good luck-giving properties. Thanks for trying it out!

Good quality

Very good oil. come on time. It works nice. Would purchase again