Crystal Bowl (White Selenite)

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These Real selenite bowls are extraordinary and are precious for your home when you want to clear your mind of evil thoughts. Selenite Bowl benefits you spiritually, and they are ideal for mystical use just as a home stylistic layout. It is Selenite from Morocco that has been cut and cleaned into a stone bowl. They focus and sparkle under the light!


Selenite quiets, brings profound harmony, and offers admittance to past and future lives. Selenite brings mental clearness, clearing disarray and uncovering the master plan behind issues. A defensive stone, Selenite safeguards an individual or space from outside impacts.

Selenite can bring out security from the heavenly domain and scatters negative energy. Its' quieting properties make it ideal for contemplation and otherworldly work. It upgrades camaraderie in gatherings and associations, a perfect gem for gridding the home or property.

Each bowl is exceptional and hand-created and cut, so no two are by and large similar, making them look attractive. You can keep crystals in the Selenite bowl to help them charge using the exceptional energy of Selenite. Crystal bowl derives from white Selenite, a healing crystal that improves brain clarity, widens attention to positive thoughts and helps troublesome choices. Adjust and balance out your body and feelings. It changes negative energy into positive energy instantly.

  • It has healing and mending properties.
  • Its size is almost 18 cm.
  • It benefits your soul and mind.
  • It keeps positive energy intact in the house.
  • It helps in cleaning other gems or crystals.

Customer Reviews

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Ifta Ridan
Pouring spiritual healing

Helped me to heal my spiritual life with joy. I dont know how but it worked.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.