Egyptian Incense Burner - Anubis

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Anubis is the Greek name of a divine being related to preservation and life following the death in old Egyptian religion. He is typically outlined as a canine or a man with a canine head. Praise your adoration for ancient Egypt with this great Anubis incense burner.


The god Anubis lays down in his jackal structure, majestic in midnight and gold. This Anubis Incense Burner benefits your soul and is terrific with its perfectly cut highlights. The burner plate, which gathers the debris of the incense sticks, is done in sparkling gold metal hue with symbolic representation designs of old Egyptian people.

Egyptian Incense burner Anubis is a remarkable expansion to the stylistic theme! This exemplary Egyptian Anubis sculpture is cold cast sap with a dark completion and hand-painted gold detail.

Our incense burner is an ensured way into numerous sorts of home stylistic layout subjects. It could make an extraordinary present for anybody who loves and gathers Egyptian things or loves to consume incense. It's anything but a cast resin, and its cut subtleties are hand-painted exhaustively. This incense burner is an unmistakable draw of consideration in any home or office space. Each incense burner comes bundled in designed polystyrene internal pressing for safe overall delivery. 

  • It is made with the resin of a Great Egyptian piece.
  • A fantastic addition to home decor.
  • It helps improve memory.
  • Perfect gift for events.

Customer Reviews

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Isabelle Voisin
Perfect Gift

Incense is used in religious ceremonies and rituals to purify the air and create a pleasant aroma. And this incense burner is a cool way to manage the incense sticks. It's a fantastic piece of art and a piece to have in the room.

Dear ding dong, This is a great gift for someone who enjoys using incense in their religious ceremonies or rituals! It makes it easy to have a nice fragrant room, and it's a beautiful piece of art too.


I going to keep it simple as I could go on for days about this incense burner/holder...This thing is genuinely beautiful! nice solid weight and delightful craftsmanship. The photo looks good which made me buy this, but while you see it in person it's going to blow your socks off...package arrived in a timely manner and package very well to avoid damage...I most certainly will be buying another very it!

Thank you for your review! We're glad you're happy with the product.