Frankincense Myrrh Hem Incense Cone

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Considering the popularity of Frankincense Myrrh in traditional, spiritual, and religious ceremonies, we can confirm that it is helpful in matters of independence and encourages freedom of expression.


It also aids in wound healing and eases respiratory problems, including asthma. It promotes blood circulation too. Trust its sweet, warm and earthy aromas to change the environment of your surroundings and yourself completely.

It is known to create a warm and homey feeling wherever it is lit. If ever caught up in busy schedules, just dive into its aroma and take a spiritual journey to relax. These incense cones are constantly in short supply and have high demand because their trees are impossible to grow except for the Arabian Peninsula.

These aromatherapy products are popular due to their ability to have a positive effect on brain development. People around the globe use it for pain relief as well. Not only that, but it also helps ease swelling. Purchase today before we are out of stock again.

- 10 Incense Cones in each pack

- 12 packs in each box

- Perfect to diffuse for guests

- Best for aromatherapy lovers

- Outstanding quality incense cone

- Ideal for yoga and meditation


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