Green Calcite

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Green Calcite is a fantastic intensifier and energy chemical, eliminating antagonism and delivering energy blockages that forestall self-improvement.


Green calcite is a Heart Chakra healer; Green Calcite dissipates the repressed pressure and torment the heart has felt, making room for affection to prosper. By adjusting our higher self to our souls to divine love, amicability and equilibrium are reestablished between our souls and brains, and we become utterly open to getting love. Green Calcite likewise works with the arrival of your old, inflexible outlook and all assumptions that at this point don't serve you. Invigorating self-improvement through mending, the Green Calcite bracelet reestablishes your feeling of direction throughout everyday life, inspiring you to set your sights high. Like other green gems and stones, Green Calcite is a stone of abundance and thriving.

Green Calcite attempts to speed up your capacity to show achievement and a lot in your lives. This gem is an incredible heart stone here to help quiet and revive your most vital organ. It's the ideal stone to help mitigate extra day-by-day stress and quiet our repressed energies that may have been preparing the entire day. Holding a piece while taking in full breaths can make us before long fail to remember the justification for all our pain. Working with this stone fortifies the association with your heart and clarifies where you need to center your feelings. You lead with your head and not your heart, mainly that you neglect to perceive your head is loaded with interruptions and quickly evolving textures.

The heart holds the most indispensable data you convey, which is why it ought to be utilized first in any dynamic interaction—green calcite links to the zodiac sign of cancer and helps in spiritual work. By assisting you with excusing yourself and other people for past encounters, it might help you make a helpful change in your life. Its energy may help you to deliver worries that might be keeping you down. It is a solid mending gem known for its active, otherworldly, physical, and mental regions. You must know how to cleanse green calcite to keep the stone beneficial for spiritual uses.

  • A mental healer that restores the balance of mind and soul.
  • Turn positive intentions into reality.
  • Stimulator for the immune system.
  • Disintegrates bacterial infections.

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Smith Raka

So happy with my green calcite! The size and color are just perfect. Very nice!

Thank you for your review! We're glad you're happy with your purchase.