Hem Cedar Incense Hexa

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The fragrant aroma of Hem cedar Incense stick makes a woodsy air for those yearning for the familiar scent of cedar timberland or thinking about a peaceful day by the lake or in the mountains. 


Hem Cedar Incense has a delicate, woody fragrance. Consuming Cedar incense can assist you with acquiring certainty and clear stale energy. This fantastic fragrance improves the progression of new energy while purifying and reviving the emanation. One of the most seasoned aromatics, cedarwood was esteemed profoundly in antiquated occasions and utilized in all aspects of everyday life as a medicine, hair tonic, incense, and perfume. With a rich, woody, somewhat manly aroma, the scent unwinds and blends while building inward certainty and self-acknowledgment. Especially amid stress, the cedar incense stick benefits and helps upgrade the ability to offer liberally to another.

It is said to help in soothing apprehensive strain, uneasiness, sleeping disorder, battling melancholy, and hostility. It is said to develop blood dissemination, joint inflammation further and upgrade focus.

Aromatic incense sticks help you concentrate during meditation and other exercises. Cedar incense has an enlightening woody aroma that contains the essential oils of cedar and Gaiakhout. Cedar incense is quieting and advances understanding. It is Lovely round wood conditions that help us to remember the past. 

  • Each Incense Stick is made utilizing regular fixings. 
  • Every parcel contains 20 Incense Sticks. 
  • It will consume between 30-40 minutes, relying on conditions. 
  • Each Box includes six bundles.

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Very Good Quality Incense

Love the incense, it smells great and is of good quality. They are lovely will buy them again.

Thank you