Hem - Come to Me (Hexa Incense)

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Do you want to feel more connected to your loved ones?

Hem - Come to Me (Hexa Incense) Sticks can help.

These incense sticks are made with a special blend of Hexa herbs that are known for their ability to promote feelings of love and connection. Each pack has 20 sticks, and each box has six packs.

Features & Benefits:

-Hexa herbs: These special herbs are known for promoting feelings of love and connection.

-20 sticks per pack: This ensures that you have enough incense to last for multiple sessions.

-6 packs per box: This allows you to stock up on incense so that you never run out.

How it works: Light the incense and let the Hexa herbs fill the air. Inhale the scent and let it transport you to a place of love and connection.

Customer Reviews

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Prince Shaha
Love inducing aroma

This scent arouses significant responses in our brains and can instantly remind us of past events, people and emotions. We can be transported back to ancient Egypt, to Springtime in Japan – or anything within our own memory banks.

The good feelings are just a moment away and keep the partner in love making. Accessible in price, easy to use, huge choice plus interesting and engaging.

Dear Prince Shaha, This scent is definitely alluring and can easily transport you to different memories and emotions. It's accessible in price, easy to use, and has a huge choice, making it a great choice for anyone looking for love-inducing aromatherapy.