Hem Kamasutra Incense Hexa

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Add this incense stick to your contemplation rituals for welcoming and reviving emanation. The hem incense stick is scented, and masala incense sticks, agarbatti, dhoops, and cones. It assists you in your petitions, reflection, yoga, and making your current circumstance sweet-smelling and wonderful, hence adding to harmony and serenity. Kama Sutra has a crisp, refreshing, warm, sweet aroma.


Kama sutra meaning "teachings on desire" as it depends on old Eastern plans composition on the study of affection, known as the Kama sutra. They will give heat, light, beating in heartfelt and suggestive contacts to assist you with accomplishing genuine feelings of serenity, happiness, sexual amicability throughout everyday life.

Kama sutra Incense Stick makes a good air of erotic, fragrant sexual enhancer. The Kama sutra is viewed as the primary Indian reading material on the study of affection. With this incense, you can create an environment of adoration and enthusiasm. The smell will correctly animate your faculties.

Kama sutra Incense Sticks' benefits are alluring to the faculties and satisfying the eyes and nose. For the most part, Incense Sticks are utilized to upgrade the fragrance of a room or during prayers, religious ceremonies, reflection, and yoga practice. Kama sutra incense is stimulating incense, making a surrounding, heartfelt air in your home promptly lighting it. It is a beautiful heavenly scent that contacts the faculties. 

  • The unwinding of the psyche. 
  • It eliminates awful smells. 
  • Extraordinary for houses.
  • It has recuperating powers.

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Alison J. Fedele
Great product

I was kind of hesitant buying this from spiritual shop Los Angeles because I am picky about scents but it smells amazing! Such good quality. I Will DEFINITELY buy from this metaphysical shop.

Thank you!