Hem Lotus Incense Hexa

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Enchanting lotus incense makes sure to convey you alongside its delicate and smooth fragrance. Lotus incense meaning states that it's a bloom that represents flawlessness and concordance. These incense sticks are moved by hand as indicated by the conventional technique for masala of everyday virtue; they rapidly veil undesirable smells.


The aroma of the Lotus bloom is quieting and reflective—ideal for unwinding and relaxation. Lotus blossom stands firm on a significant foothold in Indian practice; it is considered Goddess Saraswati's image.

These lotus incense sticks benefit from establishing a positive climate and advancing bliss. The unique smell of these sticks assists with going virtue and true serenity. It is said that the typical fragrances of the lotus incense can help with working on the temperament and assist your psyche with centering. The consumption of smell is quiet; it can lift the spirit and bring back the fondest of memories. Its uses include its essential utilization into yoga custom, and it assists with cleaning the mind from all threats and leaves the home inclination warm and seeing exquisite.

Lotus Hem Incense is a dazzling, beautiful, and new scent as the image of edification Lotus incense rouses thought, presence, and profound turn of events. Hem Lotus Hexa has an exceptional yet delicate flower, gritty, and sweet aroma that goes about as an ideal room purifier. 

  • It promotes harmony and immaculateness.
  • Premium quality carefully assembled sticks.
  • Lotus incense makes a rousing and exciting air. 
  • It is helpful for meditation and serenity.

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Great product

Good product, fast delivery. Light, pleasant scent. And they fit in all of my holders.