Hem Love & Sex Incense Hexa

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Our hem Love and Sex incense is the champ in the field of sexual incense. She makes an exciting air, with her energetic fragrance that enables give up and victory. It is an optimal room aroma that guarantees an arousing evening and a playful night. A sweet, fiery aroma that dormitories the thinking about the bustling brain and makes a strain in the body that longs for association and reclamation. Lift your adoration life with our Incense sticks that are incense for love and sex.


It covers unsavory scents by dominating the environment with its soothing and extraordinary aroma.  Love and sex incense meaning are that it is an enthusiastic, heartfelt fragrance for drawing love and physical allure. Stir and enlighten your faculties with this incense stick. You can consume Love and Sex as love incense benefits in: 

  • Drawing Love 
  • Drawing Romance 
  • For Love and Sexual Attraction 

Hem Love and Sex Incense is an intense, deep, and woody aroma with patchouli, oakmoss fragrance, emphasized with amphibian tones and white bloom tones. It acts as an aphrodisiac that quickly gets you the right mindset. Incenses are utilized for home enrichment, fragrance, reflection, and strict otherworldly practices. Love and Sex incense bring a vibrant, sexual aroma that empowers life into the evening. It is sweet and zesty, rapidly bringing an air of sentiment into the room 

  • It creates a heartfelt mindset.
  • It makes life great.
  • It quiets the psyche and heart.
  • It brings an affection feeling.

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Fonzie Graziano

I only burn this during intimate with my husband