Honey Rose Incense Stick

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HEM is well-known worldwide for its incense sticks being crafted with love traditionally with ingredients like natural oils, resins, florals, and wood. This brand originates in India.


Burning a HEM Honey Rose Incense stick will emanate the space with the pure delightful scent of roses and honey. It is a very romantic and luxurious smell. Roses naturally have a very floral and warm fragrance that can be used for romantic occasions such as a date night or simply for meditation and feeling joy. These aren’t so overpowering since that may result in a headache. These incense sticks are sweet but in a subtle pleasurable way. Roses are a beloved flower globally due to their delicate beauty and instantly recognizable dreamy fragrance. It is also related to healing properties and a sense of protection. Some metaphysical uses of the rose involve drawing in good luck and love. These incense sticks burn very cleanly and uplift the environment with their floral aroma. It may even be used at weddings, especially in Asian countries.

  • The romantic and dreamy scent
  • It inhibits healing abilities
  • They smell very natural
  • It helps aid improved relaxation time

Customer Reviews

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Shay Jones
Wonderful Smell

I love the incense because it makes me feel like I am in a field of roses!

Thank you so much for appreciating our service and the product.
Thanks a lot for acknowledging our effort.

Great Quality incense

Great Quality incense that smells deeply of roses. The sticks aren't dried out because they come sealed in plastic so that the oils are still moist.