Japanese Incense- Lotus

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Lotus incense is the scent of the noble yet excellent Lotus suggestive of a beautiful morning. It gives the picture of the flawless and respectable Lotus as straightforward dew sticks to it.


The lotus incense smell completes as the unmistakable, perfect, botanical fragrance of a rich lotus blossoming close to the water's edge. Its weak smoke and gentle aroma quickly wait in the psyche.

Japanese lotus incense has the scent of outlandish Lotus – an aroma utilized and adored in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Buddhists note the Lotus fills in sloppy water, and it is this climate that gives forward the blossom's most strict importance: transcending the murk to accomplish illumination. In Buddhist legend, it's known that wherever the Buddha strolled, Lotus blossoms sprouted. In Hinduism, the Lotus blossom is mainly connected with Vishnu and Brahma. The famous mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum' as utilized in yoga and Buddhist practices directly references the Lotus (Padme). Henceforth lotus incense uses among individuals who routinely utilize this "Hail the Jewel in the Lotus" mantra are diverse.

Lotus incense sticks benefit you with advancing the spirit from the primitive mud of realism, through the waters of involvement, and into the splendid daylight of illumination. It is just the Lotus that, attributable to its stem's strength, routinely crawls over the surface. The Lotus incense is an optimal aroma/incense for use in reflection and otherworldly practices. 

  • It clears regrettable energy. 
  • It helps develop focus while meditating.
  • It improves quietness.
  • It creates a spiritual association.

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Lucille A. Owen
Very Responsive Seller

First purchase and seller is very responsive. Incense is amazing, pure, and with no synthetic smell/ingredients. Love it and will purchase it again.