Jencedor / Winner Wish Oil

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Our Wish/intention oils can adjust the chakras, with explicit oils offering various impacts for each chakra. Our conviction is that these spiritual oils can help reformat old examples in our chakras by working with energies outside our own will. Fragrant wish oils and Incense have been utilized in spiritual pursuits, however long we have a record of them.

In old Egypt, people have used vast amounts of Incense each day in sanctuaries to contribute to the divine beings. In another manner, our oil may, by implication, improve spirituality by eliminating blocks that thwart its maximum capacity.

For instance, negative feelings can hurt spirituality, so our Jencedor Wish oil benefits you as it discharges atoms into the air that communicate with the apprehensive and endocrine frameworks and can influence chemicals and synapses engaged with state of mind, memory, feelings, and discernment.

The contemplation and meditation practices to connect with the spiritual world are maintained using the Jencedor Wish Oil from our spiritual collection oil. 

  • Balances your soul and body.
  • Brings spiritual peace.
  • It soothes your soul.
  • They eliminated negative and evil spirits.

Customer Reviews

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Chakra oil

The oil keeps the chakra in it's place for maintaining peace in mind. Keeps the balance in life.

Dear JOSE REYES, Thank you for the review! This is an oil that can be used to maintain a balance in life, and to keep the chakras in their place.

Andrea Career
Great product nice scent

I love this oil. So far my wishes are manifesting after using it for a while. The fairy dust makes it even more amazing, it really does work