Copal - Pure Resin Incense Stick

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Copal Resin Incense Sticks are excellent for creating a relaxing atmosphere for calmness, praying, rituals, yoga, etcetera. These are perfect for treating insomnia as they have sedating qualities. They help get rid of anxiety, anger, and tensions. Physically they can bring a glow by healing and protecting the skin against acne, wounds, etcetera.


They get rid of bacteria and viruses. Hence, this incense can also be used as a disinfectant. It is a natural way to ease congestion and similar illnesses by just breathing in the fragrance.

It helps eliminate bacteria as well as reduce inflammation. Hence, it is suitable for a healthy environment. This Gum Copal leads to a more significant state of awareness and connection with oneself and the universe.

  • It elevates your mood
  • It helps improve health
  • The aroma helps slow down the aging of the skin
  • It enhances your physical beauty
  • It helps alleviate stress and anxiety
  • It supports a balanced life
  • Completely hand-made in small batches, and sun-dried.
  • No chemical ingredients, additives, or alcohol are used.
  • Aromatic benefits include calming, concentration, alleviating nervous tension. Magical benefits include blessing, consecration, healing, purification.
  • Copal Resin Incense sticks are 10 inches long and are made with pure resins, botanicals, and essential oils.
  • 10 sticks per pack.

Customer Reviews

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Aksar Ali
Purifying scent

For purifying souls and the environment, this incense helps a lot. Sometimes, people use it in different occasions as a spiritual tool. Also, it has been proven as a mental health promoter.

Dear Aksar Ali, Thank you for your kind words about our purifying incense. We're glad to hear that it has been helpful for you in various ways. We hope you continue to find it useful in promoting your mental health and well-being.