Lemon Incense Stick

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Hem Lemon incense stick brings a splendid solar explosion of certainty and welcomes the best of luck to your life, filling it with positive thoughts and love. Consume it when you need additional energy to achieve your objectives.

Lemon incense means that it has comparable importance of delight, favorable luck, and a thriving citrusy composition. It is a traditional incense for satisfaction in marriage, thus giving off positive vibes about your relationship with your friends, family, and marriage partner. The gentle scent of juicy lemon gives energy sponsors.

The lemon incense sticks or cones quiet the mind and mitigate the stressful environment, mysteriously making the place ambient and peaceful. Lemon has consistently been valued for its uplifting scent and therapeutic qualities that directly create a remarkable impact on your soul. Our scope of lemon scent sticks will give a sensation of newness and prosperity to the customers.

They are accessible in hexagonal, square, and cones pressing. Our lemon Incense Sticks are hand moved to utilize pure customary concentrates and fragranced with the best-scented oils. It is accessible in mass sums at costs that would rise to or beat significantly fewer sums. Allow the familiar smell to fill your home to make a brilliant, quieting environment. Lemon and lavender are often used together, and the lemon incense benefits to create a relaxing atmosphere.

  • It fades away negative energies.
  • It empowers your faculties.
  • It refreshes your soul.
  • It improves positive thoughts.
  • 10 gram in a pack
  • 8 incense sticks in the pack
  • 25 packs in a box
  • Popular for its aroma

Customer Reviews

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Edward Lakin
Smells great, I will enjoy using it

But, I had to take one star off because it is just not "lemony" But, I was really just after an incense that does NOT smell like Nag Champa (which I love, but I just get tired of it).

Thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate your impute.

Jaylee Garver
Great Smell

Great buy, love the fragrance