Lemongrass Tea Tree Body Wash

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Lemongrass has been used in purification rituals for centuries. Depend on our product to refresh your mind, body, and spirit. Our efficient lemongrass tea tree body washes provide you with a profoundly fresh start to your day. You will notice your skin to be squeaky-clean and deeply nourished when you step out of the shower. This citrusy aroma tantalizes your senses and provides you with a deep cleanse that removes all the bacteria clogged up in your pores.

Natural extracts are present in our body wash to keep your skin hydrated for a very long time. It is a perfect way to treat your sense of smell and at the same time repel any mosquitoes that might be bugging you all night. It naturally repels all kinds of bugs and keeps you and your loved ones safe and protected.

It’s the perfect body wash to use during the summer months due to its power of radiating chill and lemony vibes. It will give you a powerful sense of confidence as it will uplift your spirits and brighten the overall look of your body. It helps restore moisture and leaves your skin feeling robust.

An energizing method of evidently soothing Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil combined with moisturizing Shea Butter and toning Orange Oil. This invigorating, effective wash gently cleanses whilst leaving the pores and skin feeling refreshed.

  • 100% halal vegetable
  • Infused with cocoa butter and vitamin E
  • Made with natural black seed oil
  • Softens and moisturizes dry, rough skin
  • Reputed to help improve complexion
  • Good to use on the whole body


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    Amazing skin care product!

    Nice smell. Feels good. Good lather.