Dogs Tongue/ Lengua De Perro Oil

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Dogs tongue/ Lengua De Parro oil is second to none as it leaves a stimulating impact on your soul. The experience drives you to the world of calmness and tranquility making you feel positive about yourself and others around you.


It is a fantastic esoteric product to help attract devotion and sincerity. You do not have to feel gloomy and helpless use this oil in the shower to regain the spiritual energy you are missing. Enlighten your senses and make your day worth living by using our spiritual wish oil that helps dominate a person by obtaining the loyalty and positivity you desire.

The lengua de Perro oil has the magic of love, so it is used in rituals and formal events necessary for the enlightenment of your spirit. Dogs tongue/ lengua De Perro benefits a lot as it brings a sense of satisfaction in you, making you feel enriched with good vibes. Try out this holy oil to exert poise and calm to your soul and mind.

  • Improves your prayer rituals.
  • Best quality spiritual oil.
  • Brings satisfaction and good luck.
  • Attracts loyalty to maintain relationships.

Wear as a perfume whenever you are around the person you wish to control. Wear it all the time for power and control over daily situations in life. The Domination oil can be used on your wrists, chest, forehead or neck. You can also dress a spiritual candle to increase the power of the candle burning ritual.


Customer Reviews

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Goudung Zhou
Attracts loyalty

As loyalty is required to run businesses, this oil can be staunch for the loyal partners. Helps to attracts loyalty.

Dear Goudung Zhou, Thanks for the review! We're glad to hear that our Dogs Tongue/ Lengua De Perro Oil is attracting loyalty in the dog world.

Good oil

I adore the smell of this oil. It's so yummy!