HEM Precious Musk Incense Cones

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If you think your life has been a mess lately, consider buying our high-quality Musk incense. It is because it is known to restore balance and order in your life. If things have been too much to handle lately, purchase this aroma product and see the results for yourself.


What’s better than bringing nature close to home? Musk is associated with Earth, which means your house will have a positive and natural vibe once this incense cone is lit. Its smoke diffuses a fresh wave of energy into space and stays for hours.

It quickly eradicates foul odor and elevates the mood of everyone present. Our customers have reported feeling positive and happy after using it. Trust this musk scent to create a refreshing and calming aura while you exercise or meditate. The aura does not only physically relax you, but it calms you mentally and spiritually as well. You can even burn it while doing your daily chores as it increases focus and attention. Buy now!

- Cone Incense

- 10 Incense Cones in each pack

- 12 packs in each box

- Restores peace and order

- Smells amazing

- Gets rid of foul smells


Customer Reviews

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Brenda Williams

I've always preferred musk oils and scents when wearing perfume, so I decided to give a try hoping for the same great smell throughout my apartment. It smells great! I love all the Hem brand incense cones I have purchased thus far. I only wish they were bigger and lasted longer.

Thank you for your review! If HEM comes up with bigger size of incense cone, We will definitely incorporate that..!! Thanks again!!