Hazelnut Carrier Oil

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Hazelnut Oil is cold pressed from the nuts of Corylus avellana. Very similar to Sweet Almond Oil, in chemical composition and stability, though the absorption of Hazelnut is far superior, absorbing very quickly, and completely. 

Hazelnut Oil is one of the best carriers for oily skin, where it offers softening activity, fast absorption, and no greasiness. Its diffusive activity makes it a great choice for sensitive skin, and baby skin, where it leaves the skin soft, and smooth.

Hazelnut Oil makes a great hot oil treatment for dry hair, leaving it soft, conditioned, and more manageable.

Hazelnut is a light, hydrating base oil that is a rich source of oleic fatty acid, vitamins E, and B. Nourishing for all skin types, this natural carrier oil is especially gifted at regulating the look and feel of oily skin while protecting the complexion from the visible signs of ageing.


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Jason Kalley
Cold pressed

The quality of this oil is far better than the other products selling on other websites. It is authentic cold pressed cause it has the perfect smell and its benefits are well noticed. You can try it too.

Dear Jason Kalley, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying our Hazelnut Carrier Oil. It is definitely a quality product and we hope you continue to use it!

Rare Collection

I have been looking for this oil...finally I found it at incensepro.... very good product!!

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear you're happy with the product.