Opalite MoonStone Bracelet with Seven Chakra

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This seven chakra gemstone versatile bracelet is made with eight distinctive common gemstones. Every last one of the seven chakras is addressed by one stone in organizing shading. Our body is seven primary energy communities situated in line with the spine, the seven chakras. It is believed that when the energy moves through all the chakras appropriately, our physical, mental, and passionate bodies can mend and get adjusted.

Opalite moonstone bracelet with seven chakras is the bracelet with 10mm Beads and two Silver Tibetan Metal Barrels. The following are the chakras and their benefits to your body and soul. 

  • First- Root Chakra: Garnet: Survival and Security focus: family associations, dread control, establishing feeling.
  • Second- Sacral Chakra: Carnelian: Survival and Security focus: family associations, dread control, establishing feeling.
  • Third - Solar Plexus: Topaz: Power focus: certainty, confidence.
  • Fourth - Heart Chakra: Green Aventurine: Love focus: love, pardoning, bounce, sympathy. 
  • Fifth - Throat Chakra: Turquoise Communication, internal voice, imagination, resolve 
  • Sixth - Third Eye Chakra: Lapis lazuli: Perception focus: the force of brain, astuteness, awareness, instinct.
  • Seventh - Crown Chakra: Amethyst: The most critical chakra, our otherworldly focus: edification, solidarity. Opalite crystal turns out magnificently for individuals who are experiencing issues dozing or regularly go through bad dreams. 

Opalite crystal bracelet further has an amazingly quieting impact on the heart and can likewise help manage an unpredictable heartbeat. Opalite may perhaps help with creating solid oxygenation and lung work inside the body. It is well-known that when Opalite joins with the force of the Peruvian blue opal, it will open what is known as the third eye chakra, the chakra of your intuition, improving knowledge, instinct, and inner vision.

When natural opalite is set over the crown chakra, it will give more clairvoyant energy, assisting the person with more significant dreams and incrementing their mystic capacities. Opalite is additionally thought to be essential for spiritual correspondence. 

Opalite bracelet healing properties help a person in their relationship with the magical world, assisting them in making a more direct association and getting more explicit messages. The profound energies contained in this extraordinary stone can likewise help you decipher the dreams and messages obtained from the otherworldly domain. Get your opalite moonstone bracelet with seven chakras now!

  • Improves relationships.
  • Bring abundance energies to life.
  • Activates and balances seven chakras.
  • Best bracelet to overcome spiritual inabilities.


  • Item Type: Bracelets
  • Fine or Fashion: Fashion
  • Compatibility: All Compatible
  • Shape/pattern: Round
  • Model Number: new
  • Bracelets Type: Strand Bracelets
  • Metals Type: None
  • Gender: Women/Men
  • Function: Mood Tracker
  • Style: Trendy
  • Material: Stone

Customer Reviews

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Dillen Afsar
Seven Chakra bracelet

The seven stones have different power of each and can radiate energies. Balances life with work and improves personal life.

Dear Dillen Afsar, The bracelet is lovely and I can see the benefits it would have for myself and others. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a helpful and balanced bracelet.

Deborah E. Powell
Perfect Bracelet

Love this bracelet it’s perfect for my collection of other bracelets I wear

Thank you!