Porcelain Incense Burner

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We are sure you have never heard of anything so unique and stylish in the category of incense burner, so here we are going to introduce you to our excellent porcelain Incense Burner! Pause for a minute to light the Incense and permit the aroma to implant the air and discreetly encompass you and your senses.


Watch as the debris falls off in the porcelain Incense Burner bowl and gives up to the progression of time. You are leaving an engraving in your memory and associating every one of the five faculties to the imperceptible scent. Made in Japan by regarded earthenware production maker Hasami, this across-the-board incense burner permits Incense to be scorched while gathering and hiding the debris leftovers. 

A removable porcelain top considers simple cleaning of the inside, while a metal holder allows the Incense to be put in either a precarious point or a more progressive point. Finally, set a coil-like Incense in the burner and give your psychological and physiological faculties a boost. The strength and aroma of incense sticks make it a gorgeous product in the Incense Burners category.

There are various colors, and it is handmade that may look different from the given picture once it arrives. The porcelain burner with a lid attracts peaceful and spiritually enlightening vibes. So go and order yours!

  • Boost your psyche.
  • It makes you sense positivity from the environment.
  • It was driven by solid material porcelain.
  • Size is 4x3 inches.

Customer Reviews

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Vance Whiteker
Easy handling

Porcelain makes the burner very catchy and shiny. And the top is easily removable. Also, the ashes stores in the burner which makes it easy to clean. Moreover, makes the best piece to have on drawing room.

Dear Vance Whiteker, Thank you for your review! We're glad you like the porcelain incense burner - it is easy to handle and looks classy on a drawing room table.


Awesome excellent product. Would buy it again.