Sage Soap

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Our Sage Soap is a fantastic addition to our product line. Sage essential oil promotes skin cell renewal, which keeps the skin looking younger and healthier. It helps oily or dry skin by regulating sebum production and treating diseases including seborrhoea, dandruff, and acne.

The emotional benefits of sage oil are also highly regarded. It is known for restoring emotional balance, alleviating depression, and calming uneasiness and anxiety. Sage is an excellent essential oil to use during stress and life transitions since it is emotionally healing. In addition, Sage helps to alleviate and improve irritating skin conditions.

Sage can help with acne, athlete's foot, and chapped skin, as well as eczema and psoriasis symptoms. Because of its astringent characteristics, the oil from the leaf is frequently used in face and body cleansers, deodorants, and anti-fungal treatments.

Our soap contains only food-grade vegetable plant oils such as palm, coconut, olive, sunflower, castor, shea, and cocoa butter, as well as food-grade lye (sodium hydroxide). Each oil is unique and has a specific purpose, and when combined, they form a deliciously lathering and moisturizing bar that will nourish and soften your skin. In addition, scented items are made with the highest quality skin-grade essential or fragrance oils.

  • Helps with Acne
  • Body and face cleanser
  • Used for reducing anxiety
  • It contains food-grade oils like palm, sunflower, etc.
  • 100% halal vegetable soap
  • Infused with cocoa butter and vitamin E
  • Made with natural black seed oil
  • Softens and moisturizes dry, rough skin
  • Reputed to help improve complexion
  • Good to use on the whole body

Customer Reviews

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Fonzie Graziano
Great Bar of Soap

I have been buying soap from Wild Boar soap for years and love the gentle fragrance, creamy lather and luxurious feeling after showering.