Santa Muerte (Peace of Mind) Incense Stick

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Santa Muerte is a strong diety with powers appreciated, loved, and revered by people. She is not judgmental and answers requests instantly to those who devote themselves and pray to her. You have to believe in her to get your petitions answered, or else she may not help you or listen to you.


Santa Muerte's incense sticks help create an environment that makes it easier for you to focus and call onto her. These incense sticks are hand-made by experts; hence they have a natural fragrance without additives like chemicals that alter the natural scent. Burn these incense sticks to make your wishes come true and for her to make her way towards your offerings.

Santa Muerte incense blend is unique as it includes ingredients like vanilla, cocoa, rum, tobacco, essential oils, copal, blessed dried flowers, and other dried herbs. All ingredients used are hand-picked with love. People call onto Santa Muerte for requests like healing, financial help, protection from evil, and connecting with ancestors.

Santa Muerte is also known as "Señora de la Noche" or the "Lady of Night". People believe that she is kind enough to guard night workers without any judgments, whether police officers, drivers, or prostitutes. She protects you from robbers, accidents, injuries, or any form of violence.

  • Long-lasting
  • It is meant for praying and meditating
  • A unique scent created from special ingredients

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Tracy T. Phillips
Nice Incense

Very nice and amazing energy 100% buying again, I also was given an extra I was very excited.