Satya - Nag Champa Dhoop Incense Stick

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Nag Champa Dhoop Incense Stick is a masala-based aroma that makes a profound, thoughtful environment and has musky pleasantness with a colorful top note. Our Dhoop sticks are incensed without the stick and should be utilized with a unique holder made of soapstone or other non-combustible material.


Dhoops or dhoop incense are an expelled incense without a center bamboo stick. The most notable dhoop is likely Chandan Dhoop. Light the tip of the nag champa Agarbatti or incense stick. Tenderly douse the fire by blowing or fanning. Your dhoop should shine red and radiate a sensitive wisp of pale fragrant smoke showing that it is gradually consuming or "seething." You can place it in a fitting dhoop incense burner.

Satya Nag champa Incense conveys the embodiment of typically reaped fixings, wonderful aroma which prompts a dazzling environment regardless of whether it is the home, office, or love spot. It is accepted that the smell of Satya Nagchampa Incense has a recuperating power that soothingly affects the psyche and helps in better focus in reflection measures. The incense makes a mood that you can appreciate with certainty. 

  • It makes you seek positivity.
  • It brings good luck to the home.
  • It helps in reflection and yoga.
  • It uplifts your soul.

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Margaret T. Watkins

Love them! Definitely buying more.