Satya- Nag Champa Seven Chakra

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The holy smoke of Nag Champa Seven Chakra Incense is accepted to keep negative energy from entering the home. Fragrant incense emblematically proposes the presence of the god in your home and advances a climate of harmony and peacefulness.

The 7 Chakra Incense sticks stimulate light and citrus-implanted fragrance that moves recuperating and helps unwavering focus. Open your chakras with this incense from the Indian producer, Nag Champa. Helpful for contemplation and unwinding, it will permit you to go into fellowship with yourself, and you will travel profoundly inside yourself.

Our incense is additionally profoundly esteemed to fragrance your room inside. Our lovely incense is for each Chakra's healing, and the fragrance is so soothing. Not as refined but superb dazzling, loosening up the aroma. Satya chakra incense is an incredible way for upgrading favorable circumstances. Realign and associate with your Chakra's today utilizing Satya's own personal seven chakra incense!

Our seven chakra incense benefits to assist by making an air of unwinding and stress alleviation. Zero in on your chakra energy focuses at whatever point you consume these Seven Chakras Incense Sticks! These incense sticks arrive in a pack that incorporates seven pockets with seven distinct aromas addressing every one of the seven chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. 

  • It helps to sanitize the environment.
  • It removes negative energies.
  • It aids in unwinding.
  • It relieves stress during yoga.
  • Each pack is 15 grams (12 sticks in each pack)
  • 12 packs in a box
  • Popular for its aroma

Customer Reviews

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Fonzie Graziano
Smells really good

This is my favourite incense scent! It is a smooth smell, burns clean, and even smells wonderful.