Satya- Nagchampa-Super Hit Incense Cone

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This is a profoundly favorite scent that invigorates the positive aspects of all zodiac signs. Superhit incense is rolled in Indian spices and fragrant flowers, which deliver a relaxing and refreshing aroma in your habitat. The mixture of floral extracts, herbs, and oils helps it radiate a musky sweetness accompanied by a flowery top note. Another reason you purchase such an ambrosial odor is that Nag Champa incense is one of the world’s best-selling incense due to its enticing aroma.

Due to various Himalayan herbs, Super Hit is sweeter than the original Sai Baba Nag Champa. Allow this delightful fragrance to elevate everyone’s mood around you in just a few seconds. This particular aroma has attracted people from across the globe. That’s how popular it is. When inhaled, it encourages the release of endorphins which make us feel happy and good. It is excellent for your mental health.

All our incense cones are blessed with positive energies. Burn them and notice positive emotions and feelings like love, power, sensuality, and peace, replacing negative ones like stress, anxiety, and depression. Purchase now and see the outcomes for yourself!

  • Elevates mood
  • Ideal for aromatherapy lovers
  • Perfect for contemporary practices like yoga
  • Encourages a positive vibe
  • Ten cones in a pack
  • 12 packs in a box

Customer Reviews

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Quality product! Will order again

Awesome cones! Nice slow burn. 15-20 minutes.