Tajisman Wish Candles

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Never feel even the slightest amount of sadness when you know we are here to back you up with our collection of spiritual candles that soothe your faculties in just a few seconds.


The flame of the Tajisman Wish candle creates a flawless feeling that essentially can't be duplicated. Lighting a couple of very much positioned wish candles in your home can truly add impact and make a comfortable and personal air.

Adding a flame to a great extent will make non-abrasiveness in your room, and a flash causes it to feel warm and inviting. Do as the Danes do, light a lot of candles for a relaxing aura at home. Whether you're lighting candles on a cake or setting a heartfelt scented candlelit supper to commend your commemoration with your better half, candles are a magnificent method to check festivities like birthday events and weddings, memorials, graduations, retirement thus significantly more.

You can also use our Tajisman candle to kick away all the bad luck and invite only the positive spirits that rebuild your spiritual connection with the good spirits.

  • Luxurious quality guaranteed.
  • Evoke positive feelings.
  • Extremely relaxing scented candles.
  • Help focu on building good relationships.
  • Tajisman Wish Candles use to the purpose; Health, Mental power, Business, Love, Overcome adversaries at work, relationships, enemies, Judgments Legal issues.
  • Achiever Achieve the objectives that have been proposed.

Customer Reviews

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Tara Elliott
Great smell and good price!

Amazzzzzzing candle! Will buy again and again!