Tower (White Selenite)

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The selenite tower is an incredible thing to place in your house that adds to the décor and positive energy surrounding you the whole day! Selenite tower uses its precious stone mending to eliminate energy blockages and stagnant energy from the body rapidly.


An actual Selenite tower high rise is an incredible purifying device; an unquestionable requirement is to have in your homes and workplaces. It will continually scrub and ensure the energy of the climate. This stone goes about as incredible defensive safeguards, engrossing every one of the negative energies, making a protected space. 

Selenite tower benefits you spiritually and can eliminate negative energy from different precious stones and gemstones, purging and amplifying the power of whatever is put upon it. It safeguards you from outside impacts since one of the Selenite Tower mending properties is to summon insurance from the other-worldly domain.

That is the reason Selenite gems immediately open and initiate the third-eye and crown chakra to bring quieting energies, profound harmony, and mental clearness. Setting a selenite tower crystal, or wand, pointing at the third-eye chakra can feel like a whirlwind through the brow. It is that incredible. It is swift and highly compelling at purging and clearing your auric field, eliminating clogged energy from your body. Its power is magical!

  • Its height is8.5 inches.
  • Its width is 1 inch.
  • It protects your home.
  • It purges and balances the chakras.

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Nuer Roman
Reduces negativity

Somehow it managed to create a stable connection all through my negative mindset to a different good ones.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.