Triple Action Wish Candles

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Triple Action Wish Candles are the perfect gift as you can use them for decoration or light them up for a lovely fragrance. They are believed to make all of your positive wishes come true. Overall they spread positive energy throughout the areas as well. You can light them up and wish for prosperity, success, better health, mental power, and stability, for a better future, for love, business, relationships, and whatnot. If you have faith in yourself and your wishes, they will surely come true.

Lighting triple-action wish candles set a positive and relaxed aura. It calms down your nerves and clears your mind. It helps you think better and contemplate. You can practice your affirmations to achieve what you desire to possess one day in the future.

These candles are very long-lasting and of high quality. They spread your room with positivity and pure bliss. The light then when you want to have some alone-time or when you have some friends over for a lovely and warm ambiance.

  • The perfect gift for candle lovers
  • A lovely subtle fragrance
  • Faith and trust while wishing upon this candle makes your dreams come true
  • Practice your affirmations
  • Spread positivity

Customer Reviews

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I loved the candle

I love the candle it had such a peaceful scent although it turned off and I had to turn back on but overall, it was a great investment for reversal. I will definitely buy again soon. Thank you