Velas Astrales Pagame - Pay Back

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Lighting a flame of our Velas Astrales Pagame will elevate and extend the energy in some random space. On the off chance that life appears to be dull and standard, light a flame. Warmth, enthusiasm, and zeal will result. On the off chance that the excitement has left a relationship, utilize our wish candles.


Spot Velas Astrales candles in the extreme right corner of your home, just as in your room. Light this candle for spiritually enlightening impacts each day. Try to put the candles next to each other to guarantee closeness in a relationship.

If you like scented candles, pick an animating smell to bring peace and money during your business dealings. Our candles are additionally helpful for drawing significant consideration from the ones you love.

If you've been ignored or disregarded, place these candles in the middle segment of the most distant side of your home. It helps attract money and is known as a pay-back candle. A therapeutic candle brings a calming effect on your soul, so buy this candle before it gets out of stock.

  • Ritual candles are beneficial for health and mental power.
  • Unmatched quality candles.
  • Achieve the objectives that have been proposed.
  • Payback candle.

Customer Reviews

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Obela Rou
Wish candle

Kept the promise of fulfilling my wishes and the scent of it, has a different charm. Really cool product.

Dear Obela Rou, Great review! We're glad you enjoyed the candle and found it to be helpful in fulfilling your wishes. Thanks for the feedback.

Eunice Allen
Cleared my path to happiness 🎉

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's having problems in there life. Buy from this company if you'd like for sure results. Thanks for the help. 🎊