Velas Astrales: Contra Dano

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Our wish candle collection has spiritual benefits that make you feel prosperous and spiritually strengthened to fight with all the evil powers around you. Velas Astrales contra Dano not just eases up your actual world, it tends to avoid the inside darkness of your soul. Carry light to the obscurity and enlighten the misery using our Contra Dano scented candle. The flame of the Velas Astrales Contra Dano glimmering candle provides a comfortable environment, and the warmth of its shine elevates your soul right away. 


Wish candle's flame uses are many with the end goal of providing you with good health, Improve your mental health, business, love life, and relationships using this candle every day. It works effectively to eliminate damage and hurt caused by any person and purifies your soul from the inside due to Contra Dano's spiritual advantages.

The force of this fragile candle is sufficiently able to adjust your condition. It elevates your temperament and brings a state of quiet. Other than hoodoo and black magic, the Contra Dano candle has an essential spot in specific religions. It's utilized during strict ceremonies and petitions. The energy of this candle is a direct result of its tone and fragrance. Green is for recuperating, nature, money, and good luck. Black wards off evil and is for insurance, birth, and mending and red for enthusiasm, outrage, fire, heartfelt love, and mental fortitude, and purple for antiquated astuteness, spirituality, and aspiration. Order your Contra Dano candle now!

  • Top-rated quality product.
  • Achieve positive motives.
  • Spiritually purifies the soul.
  • Brings peace, positivity, and money
  • Effective for Candle for protection
  • This candle is used for the purpose of Health, Mental power, Business, Love, Overcome adversaries at work, relationships, enemies, Judgments Legal issues.
  • Achiever Achieve the objectives that have been proposed.
  • Contra Dano / Against Damage

Customer Reviews

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Gendry Wee
Peace maker

Keeps peace of mind and purifies the soul. Moreover, keep the negative energies away.

Dear Gendry Wee, Thank you for the review. We're glad to know that Velas Astrales: Contra Dano helps to keep peace of mind and purifies the soul.

Happy Vegan
Beautiful scent

Beautiful scent. Don't hesitate to order these candles. The smell is wonderful and customer service is the best.